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Player Of the Season-IPL 2019
source Hello Friends, Today I am going to say the player of the season and in my last blog it was mention about the team that is qualified in IPL 2019 and some details which are to be revealed in front of you people are mention in the blog. I hope you guys are doing well with your blog and making money from it. Soon I am going to make a blog regarding Why Scorum is not getting many users at his blogging platform? Guys I am not going to blame on the team as per my experience I know every platform like sprtshub, weku, whale share... this kinds on platforms are not updating regularly but they have some users so let's do the research on the blog. So in this blog let's start with the player of the season. Guy's the name the player is you know him very well and as per his performance 2-3 names have been immediately striking on your mind and I know your prediction will be 100% true. He is none other than Andre Russell. The most entertaining player and the most super striker of the season. He had great matches in this IPL 2019. source You guys know him that he is coming to play at 5th position and probably his playing chances are 70% in every game if we leave last 3 games than he came at 5th position in every match and after playing at this low position his name is in top 5 most run scores list. This is the player profile in t-20. The reward does not end till that he had hit most sixes in this IPL and if we get the figures that he had hit 52 sixes and that is amazing and I don't think even Hardik Pandya had 29 sixes he can see near to him in this season. Now KKR is out of the round and still, I say MI is going to play 2 matches that is fix either the final and the Q1 or the lost match. And still, he is not going to see near to him as he needed more than 6 sixes in every single match to come at the top position. His strike rate is 204.9 consistent in every match.