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DRS - we made technology but technology did not make us
Image Source Hello to all my friends, its been new week started so I also want a new topic and this time I want to discuss about DRS (Decision Review System). we know sometimes umpire make mistake but for it, ICC brought DRS which is good because anyone can use until they have and overturn the decision but even sometimes with DRS third umpire or on-field umpire make mistake so let discuss about it in details. Image Source as we see, when DRS came to some teams like India not happy because of its only 50 % successful in LBW decision. its good for caught behind or inside edge because it can possible to detect it but in LBW decision they only give out if ball hit more than 50 % to stump which is not Indian team like because in game of cricket, ball hit even 10 % of stump and bails fall it out but in DRS they not gave out unless hit more than 50 % and also lost review so when India play against any team that they did not include DRS for their match. however, other teams happy with it and they kept playing with it and happy with. it was the first time DRS came to cricket and new but somehow its successful but we can't say 100 % successful because of LBW decision, not 100 % right. Image Source as the time pass, they improved in DRS by changing rules that now if its umpire call than review retained because if someone give out by umpire and if ball hit even 1 % to out than he has to go because review come as umpire call and in that because umpire gave out so he has to go but they will not lose review because in the same case if umpire gave not out then he remains at crease so at least team not lose review which is good. with DRS they also give technology like hotspot and sniko from where we get to know that ball has a connection with bat or not so with more technology more accurate decision coming but in the last series sometimes happened that umpired kept trust on technology more than visible eye which became a very hot topic in past days. Image Source In the second T20 between India and New Zealand, Mitchell was given out by the umpire for LBW which was referred by Mitchell. while the third umpire watch checking all, it clearly saw there was inside edge and shown in the hot spot too but it did not show clear in sniko clearly as well as also show little spike in sniko too but what their umpired decided that bat hit to pad and that is why spot in hot spot and no spike in sniko so given out and everyone shocked. this time umpired used technology but they decided to go via sniko but not believe what his eye seen and made a wrong decision. Image Source one more issue with DRS is that they just overturn the decision but not give runs on that ball perhaps ball count but runs not count which is still not understand. if someone LBW and given out but in actually if inside edge found than they just overturn the decision from out to not out but they did not give runs on that ball even comes from the bat. but if bowler appeal for LBW and it goes for four then umpire give four leg-bye but when a bowler takes DRS for it and found out than 4 runs cut from the total of the score which is little weird thing so they also need to improve there and they must have to use technology equal and genuine. Image Source in short, we made technology for a better result so use it properly for good decision and if need to help onfield umpire or third umpire then take it because sometimes one ball or one bowl can change the result of the match like in the last T20 between India and New Zealand, batsman tries to go little off side to play shot to the leg side and Southee bowled very wide to the off side and umpire not gave it wide ball and told batsman that you went to offside so it did not count even it very wide from that wide ball mark but if batsman went to leg side and bowl is wide but inside wide ball mark then should umpire give it wide. India lost that game by 4 runs and if they get that wide than the result would be different. the same thing happens while New Zealand did batting so its ok because the umpire did a mistake but sometimes it affects a lot so they have to improve there.

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