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SCORUM Hall Of Fame Week 8- Winners And Cricket(80 SCR)
Hey, as it is something thematic I will tell you a little about the last things I have done, before going on to explain the contest in which we all win! Today I was about not to write this post, because I am suffering the havoc a heat stroke and the changes after travelling again to my homeland, Spain was definitely a unique experience and all the Spaniards who are on this platform I have them to say that their lands are precious, their food, their stadium puff the Bernabeu is simply a football jewel, even its people are very nice. Now, after that weekly filling, this section is directed to the new ones with the aim that you are aware of how all this roll works. I am a pioneer user in this platform and I am the youngest of you, but you do not know how it fills me to support others, you know the top is lonely if you are greedy and selfish, so I am hosting this weekly contest that comes to replace my daily posts to be able to direct all my votes to the contestants. Moreover, I give you the rewards on a silver platter, in fact it is hard enough to grow in scorum as more days pass so this contest will be your respite and push to continue your career as a blogger. I accept in fact that I am a small whale because I was in the first days of scorum, posting daily and making relationships that is the most important thing. Sports are and will be the living soul of scorum, so in order to encourage the creation of quality content, fun, informative and special weekly I make available to the contestants a pot of 60 scorums + all the votes you receive, from me you will usually get 70-100% of the vote. How do I participate? Following the constant motto of my blog, "Be yourself is all that you can do" (words of the unrivaled Chris Cornell), the only thing you should do is a post, on the subject that I will choose every 7 days, anything that is related the subject can and will be accepted as a direct entry to the contest. There is no need for a minimum of words, because I know you will do your best for this contest. You can let your imagination fly, researching, you can even mix the sport with literary art forms, writing a poem to the sport of the week, you can tell me an invented story that implies a development of the sport in question, you can do what you want and you have up to the next week to upload the post and leave the link here. The awards? I am thinking seriously about raising the prizes to at least 140 SCR per week, I will see how I finance this utopian dream for you, sadly I can only give 60 weekly SCRs distributed to 5 fabulous writers. The first and second place will take 23 and 18 Scr respectively, the last 3 places as fabulous will be 13 Scorums each. Well, nothing more for this week, I'll leave the winners and their entries that are worth too much. I hope you remember your mercy when you are at the top :) Fraste - First place - 19 SCR Backing the Underdog with AH willswilliams - Second Place - 14 SCR BETTING: KILLER OR SAVIOUR??? kolumbus - Third Place - 9 SCR The Full Powerhouse of Betting mr-sarriball - Fourth Place - 9 SCR SCORUM BETTING OPTIONS EXPLAINED stanleyasokingz - fifth-place - 9 SCR BETTING "Our New World". All the prizes had been sent to the guys!! THE GUYS! and really thanks to austino for participate this week! i wish i had more places to give you a reward Well I can not say goodbye this week without first thanking all those who vote this post because I am what I am thanks to you, a special thanks to mikey and all those who have spoken with me and make me feel more pleasant on the platform. Eighth week - New contest! 80 SCR instead of 60 Cricket \(7u7)/ Well yes it was time to give the space deserved to this sport that has a lot of potential for some writers, honestly I do not know a damn about cricket so I ask you my dear friends and colleagues to illustrate me in the fun of this discipline, with nothing More to add, a 17-year-old boy spoke with free time and silver dreams of a better tomorrow. source