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What can happen in tomorrow's match
source Hello friends, Tomorrow, India's one-day match against New Zealand is going to start. India has won an exciting victory by defeating Australia in the ODI series in Australia. After defeating Australia, Team India's self-confidence has grown immensely. But Rohit-Shikhar will have to face the hard-hitting team Newzealand. In order to win against Newzealand, some strategies need to be changed. source If Tamil Nadu's all-rounder Vijay Shankar is included in the team, then India's batting will get stronger. This all-rounder has played very well in New Zealand for India-A team. Therefore, taking this player in this match can prove to be good for India. source In the openers, Rohit and Shikhar have sometimes disappointed supporters in many matches due to lack of talent, who had appeared in the first match with Australia. Now the time has come to play well with responsibility. If not played with responsibility then the upcoming match for India can be grief. source At this time Team India relies heavily on Kohli. This causes a lot of pressure on Kohli. If Rohit and Dhawan can play well, then the pressure on Virat will be very low and he will be able to play in open mind. source Pace bowlers get an extra advantage on New Zealand's pitch. If both of them were healthy, Bhubi and Shami would be in the first eleventh. Normally their effective bowl will be to put pressure on the opposition batsman. Bhuvneshwar Kumar will have to bowl well in the death overs and swing Master Mohammed Shami must also use the wind speed. source It is likely that India will play by two spinners in this match. Kuldeep Yadav and Yujvender Chahal can play. The Australian batsmen unable to play both of these spinners. These two bowlers have to play an effective role against Newzealand. source Mahendra Singh Dhoni's experience will have to be used by India. He played very well against Australia. After many days, the finisher of the Indian team has been seen. If Dhoni succeeds, then Team India will solve many problems with the middle order. source Kedar Yadav can be India's best all-rounder. Batters are also skilled fielders and effective bowler. In the last one-day match against Australia, he bowled very well with his confidence. The middle-order of New Zealand is very strong from Australia. The Indian bowler was unable to quickly dismiss the middle-order batsmen of New Zealand. Indian team needs to think about this problem quickly. If you have to say something about this post, please write in the comment box. Please support me to keep having more of my good works and you can follow me, so that see my future posts and you're always welcome to my blog. "Be Good, Think Good and Do Good" With Regards @muchukunda source Please click the link below for witness vote to @stimp1024 @sahkan @btb @nhl @scorum-fans and @kennybll to make the platform good and strong. CLICK HERE

India beat west indies by 10 wickets.
Hi juys today I will tell you a short summary of second and last match between India and West Indies in which India beat west indies by 10 wickets. Before this match in first test match India beat West Indies by and inning and 272 runs. India white washes West Indies in 2 matches test series. As we all know that India in their home pitch are vary strong and almost win all the matchs in their home ground in this series this story gets once again repeated. In this series Indian bowlers as well as batsmans work vary hard and trashes west indies while west indies team looks vary loose on this series. So what happen in this match I will give you all information: This match was played in Hyderabad,india. In this match firstly west indies had to bat first and to set a huge score west indies openers come in the crease in the shape of Brathwaite ( who is known for his fast bating) and Powell. They didn't able to play a huge Partnership and in the 12th overs west indies lost their first wicket at the score of 32 runs in the schpe of Powell who scores 22 runs taken by Ashwin. Then Hope comes into crease but at the score of 52 runs West Indies lost one more wicket of Brathwaite who scores 14 runs. After that Hatmyet comes into creaae he and Hope plays a one more small partnership of 34 runs and pushes her team to the score of 86 runs. Then with in 10 runs West Indies lost them both one at the score of 86 runs of hope who scores 36 runs his wicket was taken by Umesh and another of Hetmyer at the score of 92 runs who scores 12 runs his wicket was taken by Yadav. Now Ambris and Chase comes into the srease to play a big partnership but they also grmets fail and at the score of 113 runs West Indies lost their fifth wicket in the shape of Ambris who scores 18 runs. Now the score of West Indies was 113 runs and lost their big five wickets. Afterthat Dowich comes into play. He and chase play a fantastic partnership of 69 runs and pushes her team to the score of 182 runs. Chase was playing very well. But on the other side wicets were falling continuously. At the scores of 182 runs West Indies lost one more wicket of Dowich who scores 30 runs. Then captain holder comes into the crease and plyas vary well. He and chase plyas a fantastic partnership of 104 runs and pushes her team to the score of 286 runs now to some extent pressure comes into Indian side . But Umesh comes into attack and takes four quick wickets one of holder who scores 52 runs second at the score of 296 of Bishoo who scores 2 runs, third of chase who scores a fantastic innings of 106 runs with 8 fours and 1 six and fourth of Gabriel who scores golden duck. After the innings break indian openers come into the crease to chase as well as take lead in the shape of Rahul and Shaw . They play a fantastic quick innings of 61 runs in 8 runs in which almost all runs was made by Shaw . At the score of 61 runs India lost their first wicket of Rahul who scores 4 runs only . After that pujara come into the crease he also doesn't able to play a big innings and lost their wicket at the score of 98 runs, he scores only 10 runs after that one man army or number one batsman comes into the crease(kholi) he and Shaw play only 4 runs partnership and India lost their third wicket in the shape of Shaw who was playing vary well as well as quick he scores 70 runs in only 53 fours with 11 fours and 1 six. After that Rahane comes into the crease he and kholi play a partnership of 60 runs and pushes her team to the score of 162 runs captain hder takes the wicket of captain Kholi who scores 45 runs with five fours. Now the score of India was 162-4.after that pant comes into the crease he and rahane plays a fantastic innings both and plyas a partnership of 152 runs and pushes her team to a score of 314 runs . Then then again captain hder comes into attack and takes two wickets in 3 balls one big wicket of rahane who scores 80 runs and another of jadeja who scores golden duck. After that Ashwin comes into play .he and pant scores a small partnership of 8 runs and then India lost one more big wicket of pant who scores 92 runs. With the help of Ashwin who scores 35 runs I dua scores 367 runs and gets all out. India had a lead of 56 runs. After break west indies players come into the crease to crush the lead as well as to set the big target to India but they gets fail and scores only 127 runs and India just need 75 runs to win and this was vary easy for India .in the third innings firstly with in 6 runs West Indies lost two wickets one at the score of zero runs of Brathwaite and another at the score of 6 runs of Powell they both scores and golden ducks.then hetmyer and hope play a partnership of 39 runs and pushes her team to the score of 45 runs then at the score of 45 runs west indies lost theaae two batasmans one of hope who scores 28 runs and another of Hetmyer who scores 17 runs. Agmfervthat Ambris and chase come into the crease they play a small partnership of 23 runs again with in two wickets west indies lost more more wicket including chase who scores fantastic innings in the first innings . Now the score of West Indies was 70-6. After that holder comes into the crease he and Ambris plays a partnership of 38 runs and pushes her team to the score of 108 runs again West Indies lost their two more wickets in just 2 runs one of holder who scores 19 runs and another of Ambris who scores 38 runs they both wickets was taken by jadeja. Then at the end of West Indies scores only 127 runs only. Now India need only 75 runs and their openers come into the crease and scores this scores 16 overs in which Shaw scores 33 runs and rahul scores also 33 runs and India win this test match by 10 wickets as well as wins series by 2-0. Umesh was given man of the match and Shaw was given man of the series in his first series. Thanks for reading.