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DRS without Review System!
Hello everyone, DRS or Decision Review System was introduced in Cricket to review the on-field decision of the umpire. But what if a decision is getting reviewed without the actual implementation of the DRS technologies. Similar incidence happened during BPL - Bangladesh Premier League and the victim was Steven Smith. A DRS requires major technologies like Snickometer, ultra-edge, hotspot and Ultra Slow motion cameras that catch a lot of frames as possible. These frames will be required to make a decision which can even flip the ending result of the match. BPL was going smoothly until a major decision catches the media attention and especially cricketing world. So what is the story? During one of the BPL match, Steve Smith got caught out and the bowling side went to take the DRS. The original decision was not out as the umpire was not convinced. During reviewing the decision the third umpire only used ultra slow motion angles to make the final call. However, the point is that the third umpire didn't use the Snickometer and hotspot which is crucial during this condition. The problem was the unavailability of the technologies. As of now BPL only has ultra motion footage to review a DRS. Steve Smith was given out on the basis of the video footage that was captured by the ultra motion cameras. Smith looked not convinced with the final call by the third umpire. When asked to the officials, they released a statement for ordering more such technologies to review a DRS. Due to the budget issue, these technologies were not implemented in the start. BPL official, however, talked to the broadcasters to implement such techniques from next matches. This happened in the second match of the league which is a good sign as finding it later could have been caused a lot to the integrity of cricket. These technologies in a bundle will cost $100K. Bangladesh is hosting BPL's first edition and it will be going to take some time to match-up with the cricketing tools which are being used in present international cricketing. Steve Smith and David Warner are playing for the first time in any league after the ban that has been imposed on them. Below is the video of the same incident that happened during the second match of BPL.

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