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2 things India can try ahead of the Australia test series
2018 has been a mixed year for the Indian Test Team. While they have found home success, they have failed overseas. The team has never looked so full of energy ever and they carry a sort of excitement with them. The biggest positive has been their bowling attack which more often than not picks up 20 wickets in a match. The key to winning a test match is to pick up all the 20 wickets. This Indian team has given hope to their fans that they can finally be the best touring side in the world. While the bowling has been good, their batting has been a major source of disappointment. An interesting fact is that India has failed to chase anything over 100 overseas since 2008 (they chased 102 runs against Australia) and it is a worry-some fact for Virat Kohli and the team management. Virat has been leading the team from the front and he hasn't received any substantial and consistent support from the paper-strong Indian batting line-up. Indian batting is a pale shadow of what their line-up suggests on paper. The secret to winning in Australia lies in scoring runs at a quick rate, playing attacking cricket and the most important of all, building partnerships. Lack of Partnerships hurt India in South Africa and England. India can make a few tweaks to their batting line-up to find some overseas success. Let's have a look at some of them. 2. Open with Ajinkya Rahane- Dhawan This is a fantasy for many, isn't it? Or is it the least expected of all? Rahane is a good opener, and he has already shown us that in the past. He is a reliable performer even though his recent performances may not indicate that. The Indian opening pair is struggling overseas and it has hurt India a lot. KL Rahul's technique against the new ball has been questionable and so has been Dhawan's approach. Shaw is inexperienced and is yet to face the heat of International Cricket. It wouldn't be advisable to play him against a full- strength Australian bowling line-up. Rahane is the best batsman in the Indian team after Virat Kohli when it comes to batting overseas. Rahane has a solid technique against the moving ball and once he's set, he's difficult to get past through. KL is a bright prospect for the Indian team and playing him at number 5 might do good for him and he will be relatively shielded from the new ball, making the scoring easier for him. This is something that India should try in the coming days. 1. Opening with Rishabh Pant- Dhawan This seems highly unlikely too, considering that India likes to go with a left-right opening pair. Dhawan cannot be moved down the order because it doesn't suit his style of play. While he's attacking in his approach, Pant can add some support too. We have seen Dhawan-Warner combo succeed big time in the IPL and they both are attacking players. If the openers get a team off to a flyer, it tends to put the opposition under pressure, forcing them to tamper with their plans. Pant can prove to be the solution to India's opening woes.
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