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First Time New Zealand got 2nd Position In Test Ranking
Hello Friends, Source There is a piece of good news for New Zealand supporter as today they got the 2nd position in the worlds test ranking for the first time in the history. As South Africa was at the 2nd position but due to the test match they lost against Srilanka 0-2 format they lost their position and due to which New Zealand got the position. Before In the past history, New-Zealand never got this position in the test ranking. Here I will tell New Zealand got this position by the luck as on the other hand, Srilanka defeated South Africa due to which they got the position secured. Source This has affected the team, South Africa, as they got the 3rd position after losing the match and the other team like New Zealand got the benefit from it. ICC confirms after the match of South Africa vs Sri Lanka about the position and the worlds ranking for the teams. As New Zealand for the first time in the history of cricket, they got this position and they will be happy because of this position and they will try to win the upcoming matches. Here, Sri Lanka had defeated South Africa in their home ground but they still not got any benefit in this match but look at the moment changes by the matches played by another team and benefit has been taken by another team. SOURCE Sri-lanka is still at the 6th position after defeating South Africa without any benefit in the rankings. But New-zealand here took the chance and got the position by relaxing at their home. But Sri-lanka batsman got the benefit from scoring runs and made some record in which the names are Kushal Mendis. He got the 16th position in the test ranking while the other players are also getting a good position in the test ranking. So that's for today's blog and I will really like if you comment me and tell me any other records in test format by any team.Thank you For reading my blog and for giving me your precious time and support. Make sure to comment me your views. Betting platform link:- Take advantage of free betting and easy betting platform made by the scorum team.

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