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Who Will Win the World Cup 2019?
SOURCE This is a big question that comes to everyone mind when we are meeting with our friends and talking some funny jokes and the talk come for the topic name cricket then obviously the word world cup comes to the everyone minds and the talk went on and finally, the question comes who is going to win this year?? There are high chances for the fight between some friends as they are in opponents team. Looking at this senario if this blog went to trending than obviously you will comment and say that this team is going to win and I will really live it to see your comment. So this year I can say every team will be giving a tough fight as there are good players who can play very well and they have shown this in between this 5 year time period. Looking at the current scenario there are fewer chances for Pakistan to win the cup and higher Chances for England, India and Australia to win the cup. Why? See they are the top team and we have seen the cup of 2011 where Sachin Tendulkar was Going to retire and this was the scenario when team India Gifted the win with the name of Sachin and the same this is going to happen this year and looking at the format the name if bigger than Sachin. I know very well Sachin is the godfather of Cricket but as per my view, I can say Dhoni is the god of Cricket in his active mind on the field. Looking at the team India the team is strong and they have Virat Kohli is in very good form especially in ODI.