Regularly misconstrued and unexplained, Curling is where players yell indeterminable expressions yet play an unpredictable amusement with deft contacts and janitor-like clearing capacity.

Curling is comprised of two groups comprising of four individuals. Every player is in charge of tossing two stones for each their turn. Their partners at that point clear the ice with sweepers in the point of guiding the stones to the objective toward the finish of the ice. The objective is for the group to get the same number of stones nearer to the middle focus than the restriction.

The two groups go up against each other, alternating to substitute their tosses. The four players in each side comprise of the accompanying positions:

Lead:  throws first, then sweeps all other team players shots.

Second: As the name suggests, throws the second stone, and then sweeps their teammate's shots.

Vice: Has the third stone and holds the brush for the Skip. The Vice only sweeps the first two stones, and this is more difficult as they have to navigate past the existing stones that have already been played.

Skip: Also, the team captain, always throws last and holds the brush for their teammates and tells them when to sweep, and watches the stones moving direction - the 'curl.'

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