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Time has arrived...The development of the eSports world can be said to be very fast at this time. No exception in China, where millions of young people are still under 22 years old and many are in the competitive gaming world. This is compact with the ideals of Tencent who wants to spread eSports throughout the world, and it seems they have planned a big plan.

In collaboration with Super Generation Investment, they plan to make an area called Minhang in Shanghai a special industrial area that will contain various companies engaged in eSports. The plan, this area will accommodate approximately six thousand workers and one hundred companies related to eSports, for example such as professional teams and also the media.

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The construction is planned to be completed by 2020, "Shanghai International New Cultural and Creative E-sports Center" will be open to all eSports organizations from around the world. Considering the number of eSports organizations based in China is currently quite a lot and will still continue to expand widely, it seems that this plan is a very good plan.

 (GMIC) 2017 at China National Convention Center - Image Source

But Tencent has thought of several ideas for several companies in the esports field to be able to work in the esports city of China, Shanghai.