After a disappointing first round, the Afreeca Freecs managed to improve their performance on the sixth day of the phase of the League of Legends World Championship group. Meanwhile G2 Esports managed to carry the European flag and for the first time managed to escape the group phase of Worlds.

Afreeca Freecs vs Flash Wolves

The two teams used jungler, which was quite active in early games, namely Xin Zhao for Flash Wolves and Nocturne for Afreeca. But the ultimate global of Nocturne is clearly terrible and proven to give Afreeca First Blood before 10.
The threat to the Flash Wolves bot lane continues to haunt and make Betty who uses Kai’Sa behind more than 20 CS from Kramer who use Varus. Coupled with the first tower in the mid, Afreeca excels throughout the early game thanks to a very neat macro play.
Slowly but surely, Afreeca maintains their superiority throughout the game. With one team fight on 30 stops, they managed to kill three Flash Wolves players and end the match.

G2 Esports vs Phong Vu Buffalo

PVB cleverly plays slowly and anticipates the proactive play from G2. Despite losing First Blood, PVB managed to get many side objectives and excel from G2 in tower kill and networth.
Even though I can still find a kill, G2 never can ever take control of the game from PVB. Unfortunately, an error on 26 minutes plus play that was brilliant from Perkz gave G2 four kills which were exchanged for one kill. Since then G2 has been catching up and the game has become more open.
With a balanced position, both teams only need one team fight to win the match. The new decisive team fight took place on 45 minutes. Despite successfully killing Wadid, PVB failed to kill other players. G2 just has to counterattack and win the team fight. After Baron and Gank against BigKoro, G2 finally won the match after a deficit throughout the early game.

Flash Wolves vs G2 Esports

G2 surprisingly took Brand for Hjarnan for matches that could give them tickets to the playoffs.
Both solo laners from each team want to get the desired matchup from the start. This has an impact on lane swaps that continue to occur. But the focus of the game is on the lane bot where both teams do some team fight, gank, and counter-gank. After that the match was finally balanced in terms of networth.
G2 tried to make a gank in the mid in the 22nd minute which was responded well by Flash Wolves. Winning the team fight, Flash Wolves trying to take the Baron. But Jankos who uses Skarner managed to steal. Misreading the situation, G2 actually engage and must lose four players. The game remains a draw between the two teams.
It was only in the 29th minute G2 won the team fight when they caught Maple out of position. G2 then took the Baron and finally got the networth advantage.
Even after winning 7000 gold and after several team fights, Flash Wolves can still threaten G2 and win. They were even able to take the Inhibitor first on 41 minutes. Being in the upper hand, Flash Wolves then got Ace on 43 minutes and won the match.

Phong Vu Buffalo vs Afreeca Freecs

PVB must win against Afreeca to survive in the tournament. Even though it lags behind in terms of kill, PVB can respond to Afreeca's game with quite good macro play. But one thing they did not anticipate was Kiin with Jax far ahead of CS.
The game then changed when Afreeca managed to get a kill plus tower in the mid. Feeling superior, Afreeca then pressed three lanes to take the Baron. The PVB tried to prevent this, but again the ultimate of Nocturne actually made them lose two people, giving the Afreeca Baron free.
With Baron Buff and Jax barely able to be killed, Afreeca easily won the match in 33 minutes.

Flash Wolves vs Phong Vu Buffalo

Since it was confirmed that they did not qualify from the group, PVB gave their reserve jungler XuHao the chance to play against Flash Wolves. Meanwhile Flash Wolves must win to increase the chances of qualifying from the group.
The match was quite exciting. Both teams keep exchanging kills and doing enough team fight throughout the game. Flash Wolves began to look superior thanks to the many killings that Maple and Betty obtained. Unfortunately the advantage disappeared when the team fought in front of the Baron in the 30th minute. A bad positioning from Hanabi using Sion allowed the PVB to get a kill before the team fight began. Four of the fallen Wolves Flash players and the PVB got the Baron.
The decisive team fight takes place in minute 41 in the Dragon area. Once again, the PVB managed to kill Hanabi and Sword Art who used Shen. Without a frontline tank, Flash Wolves retreats and tries to stay on base. PVB doesn't care and keeps on going to destroy the Flash Wolves Nexus and get out of Worlds with victory.

G2 Esports vs Afreeca Freecs

Both teams must win to claim the group title and avoid the tiebreaker with Flash Wolves.
G2 initially tried to play aggressively to answer Afreeca's playing style which was known to be slow. However, these efforts actually gave two kills for Afreeca at the start of the game. Some of the same efforts also didn't work for G2 and instead gave the Afreeca Ace on 27 minutes.
Apart from that, G2 still excels in terms of networth, at least until the 35th minute. Successfully getting the Baron, Afreeca again gets three kills and completely reverses the situation. Four minutes later, Afreeca again won the team fight in the mid and claimed the group A.

Flash Wolves vs G2 Esports

G2 got their mainstay Heimerdinger in the second place winner of the group facing Flash Wolves. Meanwhile Flash Wolves uses Mordekaiser for Betty.
The match looked promising for G2 after they managed to kill Maple who lane the swap to the top lane, followed by a solo kill from Perkz in the same lane three minutes later. After 20 minutes, G2 has got four kills and is superior to 2000 gold.
Left behind, Flash Wolves tried to prevent G2 from taking the Baron in the 28th minute to keep hope. G2 knew and immediately got Tahm Kench who stood too far from his team. Coupled with the kill on Betty, G2 then took the Baron and was ready to end the match.