2018 Turkey Grand Final Royal Bandits (RBI) and Bahçeşehir Supermassive (SUP) was held between. In the games played through 5 series, the party that reached the championship with 3-1 was SUP.


In the first minutes of the first 2 minutes on the boat with the first spout SUP powered (6:00). This shocked RB took over the advantage of RB on all the lanes and reached the 2nd barracks in the 22nd minute baron fight and became the baron's owner. RB brought the score 18-4, leading to an overwhelming 1-0 lead in the offside. Actually it was easy game for RB : 1-0.


The SUP banner that started the second mash was flown with the first blood Stomaged again (03:00). The SUP, which opened the gold difference with this kill superiority, protected its own towers, but also dropped the towers in 3 corridors (16:00). In the Baron struggle that followed, both SUP received the Baron and took over the advantage of the fight, and there was ace on the RB front (26:00). The SUP 10K, which brought the score to 15-9, captured the difference in gold (30:00). With 4 dragons and 8 towers, SUP 2 has also taken over the superiority of the inhibitor (31:00). SUP did not extend the game much in the second game and brought the situation to 1-1 (34:00). With this victory SUP won first match in TBF history.


It was the RB who was the first to shed the first blood in the game (06:00). RB, who continued to dominate the game won the fight during the drake war and had a rival massacre (14:00). The 3rd game was a bit more defensive and balanced than the others. There was almost equality in the scores when the gold difference was not much different (32:00). Due to a technical distress, the game continued for a while and continued with the elimination of distress. While the match went on, the SUP team massacred the Baron and took control of the game. The winner of the fight, SUP did not extend the game and won the game: 2-1 (38:00).


The SUP started signing the first blood in the match and took the first one while showing sign 6th minute (06:00). While the match continues, teams are trying to pay attention to their defense. Also equal in number of gold (15:00). Short-term battles have yet to yield a serious result but the score is in favor of 15-14 RB (28:00). At the end of the Baron battle again shortly Baron was the side party RB (30:00). Despite the Baron's dominance of the RB, SUP did not step back and won the game with great fight and became the 2018 TBF champion (41:00).