BAU Esports team, the European champion in the European Universities Espor Championship, has returned to the country. Speaking at a press conference, BAU Esports Advisor Serhat Bekdemir said, "Our team defeated 11 countries and became the European champion. They will represent both our country and Europe in the world cup next month in China, "he said.

Esports team of Bahçeşehir University (BAU) in the final of 'University Esports Masters League of Legends' played in Tenerife, Spain; He defeated Portugal 2-1 and became the European champion. BAU Esports brought the cup as a champion in the tournament where strong countries such as France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Great Britain, Poland and Spain bid farewell to the championship. At the International College Cup, which will be held in Xi'an, China on August 16-19, BAU Esports team players representing our country and Europe will be announced at a press conference. BAU Board of Trustees Ziya Alpay, BAU Rector Şenay Yalçın and BAU Esports Advisor Serhat Bekdemir attended the meeting.

"Our team defeated 11 countries and became the European champion"

UAE is not only Turkey of Esports BAU team said he will represent Europe in the world championships in Esports Advisor Serhat Bekdemir, "Our program begins at Bahçeşehir University was among the world's top five universities. Today in Europe the BAU Esports team is number one. Our students are very successful both in their courses and in Espor. I think it's a bigger pride than this European championship. All universities in Europe have the capacity to beat. Turkey became the first champion after defeating 16 universities in Turkey later became the European champion by defeating 11 countries. He will join the world cup next month in China's Xi'an city. The confidence in young people will continue in an endless manner. "

"I trust young people"

UAE stating that they were proud of the achievements of the students Trustees President Enver Yucel, "he made us proud to see the success of Turkey's youth. I trust the future of Turkish youth. You will be in China to represent Europe. Britain, France, countries like Germany and the Netherlands, you will learn to appreciate Turkey thanks to young people. You have proved, however, that we can not do what we can and can not succeed. I am proud of you, "he said.

"We have more gear competitors in China"

European championship is a difficult process, says BAU Esports Lol Teams Coach Ahmet Can Arslan, they are excited about the world championship. Arslan said, "The European championship was a difficult process for us. We played four consecutive games. We played with surprises. We met 11 countries and won. Now we go to China. We have more gear competitors in China. We will see more difficult games. I think we will succeed "