I might sound old school here but my first ever game that I played and spark an interest in gaming was Street Fighter 2. If I were to recall exactly it was when I 7 years old back in 1995. During that time in Malaysia, most kids and teenagers will go to the arcade to play games but since I was very small I can only go accompanied by parents but still, the arcade section will be closed for me because it was meant for 13 years and above. Furthermore, the arcade will be always full as the season gamers will sit at one arcade screen for about few hours (I wonder how much they ‘burned’ their money to play arcade games those days).

Sega Megadrive

One day I came upon Sega video game console and I persuaded my dad to buy it for me with the promise of getting a good mark in school (which I did). The seller gave a few free cartridges together with the console, but I can’t remember what the other games were. I was hitched with Street Fighter game although I don’t know (or don’t care) about the street fighter version but the whole experience of playing the game in a 16 Bit video game console was joyful. From there onwards my journey towards gaming and e-sport begun. I will spend hours playing Street fighter game until my mom yells at me to close the TV.

Until now my favorite category of games will be fighting or action game. I believe I nurtured it from playing Street Fighter. As for Street Fighter, I have played a lot version which I can’t find in google nowadays. But for the sake of this article, I would like to stick with Street Fighter 2 in general regardless of the hundreds of versions. My favorite characters in Street Fighter will be either Blanka or Dhalsim. The reason I love both these characters is for their obvious advantage over their enemies. In most of Street Fighter version at least in the 90’s some characters can execute signature moves without any special command or combination.

Blanka in 16 Bit version

For Blanka, he can produce electric attack just by tapping punch if I am not mistaken, so any time the opponent comes near me I will simply electrocute them and keep a very close distance to carry on my attack. The strategy is to be as close as possible. Although his main special move is ‘Rolling Attack’ but I rarely use it unless I really need it.

Dhalsim in 16Bit

Dhalsim, on the other hand, is quite opposite with Blanka. His long Strecting kick and punch enable me to attack the opponent from a distance. You can kill any offensive attempt by the opponent especially if they try to jump towards you. He can even spit fireball (Yoga fire) from a distance although the fireball moves slowly, and it can give ample of time for the opponent to avoid by sometimes it can hit your opponent and gives a lengthy burn effect animation for me to strategies on next attack plan. His special move, Yoga Flame where he breathes out a massive flame can be strategically used when the opponent is very near.

These days I am no longer playing Street Fighter or any games seriously especially from this generation video game console such as PlayStation or Xbox due to my busy schedule and family commitment but I am always looking for the opportunity to venture into e-sports seriously one day….ONE DAY.

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