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Hello Scorum Friends, Any Fortnite players out there? 

I will admit I haven't played the game, although I love how you can play it for free on your computer. That is pretty darn awesome, and a great marketing tactic. This game has been wildly successful worldwide. And the online gaming community couldn't be happier it seems. There are all kinds of tournaments, teams, and money that can be won, playing Fortnite. Hmmm, maybe I should jump on this bandwagon. My post isn't specifically about all the ins and outs of the game, it is not a review, or my take on the game, whether it is good or not, but an informational post regarding some news that CoinDesk put out yesterday.

Fortnite Being Targeted by Bitcoin Malware

In the video I talk about the market a little bit, not too much just a minute or so highlighting a few of my favorite cryptocurrencies, then I read the article on CoinDesk about Fornite users being targeted by Malware designed specifically to get Bitcoin users credentials. This is pretty crazy stuff. But it was bound to happen. How is it being distributed? Well through a fake cheat code. A YouTube video was put out talking about a cheat code for Fortnite users. I am not sure what the specifics are of the code, or what kind of special powers, equipment, etc., the code would give you, but the code is completely FAKE! It is actually Bitcoin-Targeting Malware.

Check out my full video here: 

Video created by me, source for the article in the video can be found here.

The moral of this story, is pretty darn simple, don't cheat!!! haha. I mean really? Do you have to find a way to cheat? I guess some people are definitely interested in cheating, because the fake cheat code was downloaded many many times. Come on man?

Any thoughts on the current esports world? As cryptocurrencies get more and more popular do you think we will see more of this kind of behavior? I do. Unfortunately that is the world we live in, cheaters try to prosper, and scammers try to scam.

You may or may not have already heard this in the news, hopefully it was of some help to a few of you.

Your Scorum Friend,

Matt aka @bayareasportsfan