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Hello my Scorum friends!

Are there any gamers out there? Recently I begun a quest to take down the one and only Mike Tyson, by playing Mike Tyson's Punch-Out on my Mac via an emulator. I was using my keyboard, and after awhile I noticed it is pretty hard to use the keyboard while trying to play that type of game, haha. So I scoured the internet, (not really it was pretty easy to find), and figured out how to connect my Xbox One controller to my Mac! Oh my what a difference a controller or gamepad is when playing games on the computer!

I decided to share my new found knowledge by making a video of the process to help anyone else out there in the world that may want to use something other then their keyboard when trying to play these fun retro NES games, or any other games for that matter. I imagine the process is similar for a PC, or maybe even easier. But since I am an Apple guy, I am using my Mac. :)

The process is pretty straight forward. It involves going to github and downloading their 360Controller.dmg, then installing it, and adjusting a few Privacy/Security settings, then connecting your controller via a micro USB cord, and then finally doing a setup of your controller on the retro-gaming emulator. The whole process takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes. It will require you to re-start your computer, something I failed to mention in the video.

You can watch the video here on YouTube:

Thanks for your time, hopefully this video helped some of your, or maybe someone you know.

You Scorum Friend,

Matt aka @bayareasportsfan