NRG eSports Partners Up With Enjin

I must confess, I just don't have as much time to watch streamers as I used to; pre-married and younger (in my 50s! now) was when I could seriously spend the time. Back 'then' it was pre-Enjin, but I imagine the same applies. I watched tons of Hearthstone playing, trying to gleam every bit of strategy that would help my game. I would reward streamers I liked the most with subs, gifts, and some even monthly payments, but that was rare. Amaz, Thijs, and TrumpSC were my favorite and still active.

I also loved watching WoW streams, usually because I was unable to play or could sneak them in from work. I played for far longer than I should have and still have a great affinity for it.

But I digress, I am supposed to be writing about Enjin streaming. Now I have left fiat games and am focused on blockchain gaming, though when I will have adequate time to play is beyond me. So streaming will be more needed to get my fix in. One of the games I am most interested in lately is Cats in Mechs. Streamers Voltriph and dlcoates are 2 that follow and am sure they will appreciate the support as the game integrated with Enjin and those streamers will benefit my fix and I hope to reward them in return. Sounds like win-win, to me.

Voltriph Twitch
dlcoates Twitch

Other Enjin games I am interested in are Age of Rust and Forest Knight, and Altverse: Disruption

Because of my past Hearthstone love, I will also be following and playing Zombie Battleground, though it is on the LOOM network, as well as Project Genesis on Circuit network.

Blockchain gaming fascinates me and Enjin seems to be at the forefront of it, with 2019 looking to be a solid and exciting year for gamers. This will enable gamers to stream, and thereby help them continue gaming, and watchers like me to keep getting our fix of games, while occasionally sneaking in some gaming while the wife is away. With Enjin and NRG teaming up, the eSports world is looking bright for gamers, streamers, and watchers. I know I have barely touched the surface of what is probably out there in Enjin games and blockchain games in general, but I try to keep up. Gaming is in my blood and always will be. I just may have to watch more than I play, at least until I retire.

I apologize in advance for errors and such, this is my 1st such blog or post and I didn't spend a lot of time getting familiar with things. But I really wanted to shout out to all those streamers out there and tell them they are supported, watched, respected, and needed by many people, especially old farts like me. See you in the gaming worlds!