Source: Mineski

TI8 is don't to three teams, OG, PSG.LGD and EG.  The International 8 winds up tomorrow with two matches, PSG.LGD faces EG in the lower bracket final and the winner of that match faces off against OG with the winner taking home over $10 million.

Today feature some great Dota with more upsets happening and OG turning into the cinderella story of the tournament.  I keep writing off OG and yet the keep squeezing out wins.  They have already defeated both EG and PSG.LGD in the playoffs which would suggest they have the edge over either team that earns the right to face them.  I would argue against that as at least in the EG match, it was EG's lack of action that cost them the series over OG being the dominant team.

Tomorrow's lower bracket final should be very interesting after PSG.LGD had their massive win streak ended by OG earlier today and now it's tough to say how they will recover moving into tomorrow.  EG on the other hand just took down their rivals Liquid and should be fired up for the game tomorrow.

I feel like every prediction I've made in the tournament has been wrong.  So picking a team might be the same as jinxing them but I'm gonna cheer for EG and then whoever wins the lower bracket, I'll be rooting for them in the grand final.  Should be a great day of Dota and I can't wait to see which team raises the Aegis.