Fnatic vs C9 semi final of the World Championship has just started and C9 has opened the series in full throwing mode. As I write this C9 is down 10-1 and being dominanted in every facet of the game. It is game one of a five game series, so C9 isn't out yet but game one has C9 in a deficit that they will never overcome and they have no one to blame besides themselves. Not a good way to start the day.

The game opened with a nice gank on Jensen in the midlane. Caps and Broxah converged on Jensen for a perfectly timed gank. A great play by Fnatic and an early advantage before C9 has a time to establish anything.

After the first blood is where things got off the rails for C9. Feeling the pressure to make a big play to close the gap, Svenskeran began the throw parade C9 by stupidly diving a tower attempting to get a kill he never even remotely had a chance to get. Right after Licorice gets way out of position and finds himself ganked in the top lane. The snowball was formed and there was just nothing C9 could do from there.

As I close this article out C9 is now down 15-3 and not looking any better than they did earlier. As NA's last hope, C9 will need to have a better start in game two or else we could see another 3-0 stomp just like the iG vs G2 matchup yesterday. It's not looking good so far.