[Thur Nov 1st] I play on Playstation 4 under the tag name "GeminiGiants17"

As a reminder to those who are interested, I have recently purchased the C922x Pro Stream webcam. I'm having some trouble downloading the software for it to begin working but when everything is up and running properly I'll be sure to upload some highlight reels and some memorable gameplay showcasing my skills from both Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 3. In the meantime I still only have pictures as my primary source of highlights.

CODBo4 Blackout:

So far I am developing great tactical and in-game survival skills and seem to be surviving into the top 20 players more often. Remember, each Blackout match begins with up to 88 players (solo, duos, or teams of 4). I'm still trying to secure my first 1st place victory. In my last update I battled to spot #2 while playing duos on Blackout and earlier today I reached #2 while playing in teams of 4, but get this, I was the only one from my team to make it into the top 12 players and so I was killed off by a group in the end. Hopefully when ever I get that far again I will win it. Below are a few shots of my merit reports and my favorite quotes (quotes accompanied by rank # in which I finished the game) since my last update.

CODBo3 Safeguard:

Weekly Safeguard Rankings- a big jump up since my last update. Trying to get back into that number 1 spot just cuz. ; )

Insight into my realm of thinking when I'm playing Black Ops 3- Game Mode: Safeguard

It's not too rare apart anymore that sometimes when I enter lobbies, right away someone with a mic says "its Gemini," either casually or in a provoking tone as if to try to get my attention. These days I don't usually play with my mic on anymore. I used to be a top of the line trash talker, especially when I play Safeguard.

For some reason, I can't get over the hunch that I play noticeably better when I leave my mic unplugged. I can still hear players through my TV screen and depending on how focused I get I may mute some players for extra concentration.

As mentioned in my last post I frequent the top 10 in scores in both the Monthly and Weekly Safeguard categories and I am 7,700 All Time (which is my least impressive stat, however, you have to take in consideration that there are people who brought and have been playing this game way longer than me (and more than me period on a daily basis) which would account heavily for statistics in the All Time filter. But if I had to guess, I'd say Black Ops 3 still has well over 50,000 players (I think this number may be modest and not accurate, maybe more). If anyone can pull up the exact number of players on Call of Duty Black Ops 3 server then be my guest. I can't find it anywhere.

Every now and then I get some days where I'm just dominant all around and I make players on the other team rage quit lobbies during the game or after.

What probably separates me from most other players is that as of late...

  • I don't play with a mic anymore (meaning I dont talk or). 
  • I'll play with any random player or random team I feel no matter how many times I have to put the team on my back. 
  • I stay in matches where my team is getting pounded or leaving just so that I can stay above a positive KD, pad my stats, and also test the will of the other team just for sport. My mindset is that even though I'm losing why not push myself to get better before the game is over. In my mind I'm gaining experience points not only in the game but also in my mind. ^Dont get me wrong, there are games where I just can't tolerate playing on a weak team so I do quit every now and then. 
Game Mode- Domination. Just an extra.

*It's easy to let cynicism and ego get the best of you but what I've realized a long time ago is that if you put all that aside and tap into a deeper level of focus then you can go a long way and stay consistent. Trash talking or getting into the head of the opponent isn't always necessary.


So after my hot streak of 3 games in a row my win-loss record is starting to even out just a bit. Luckily these are freeroll tournaments where I have nothing at risk and everything to gain. Thanks @Tuck and others who help keep this going.

Keep in mind, I don't play every game every day and so I record the total number of games that I play as I go. For example, "4th game, 5th game," and so on... Stay tuned. For my next game (whenever that might be) I plan to focus in extra hard just so I can start a streak again and hopefully break my last record as I don't think anyone else has won 3 games in a row here just yet on Scorum.

Just a snapshot of a very fun final table from my 10th game played where I got 2nd place.
A snapshot of the final four from my 10th game. I went heads up against Kryptokeeper who got the best of me. Not much else special for me has happened since this game but stay tuned.
I am only up +4.87 chips from my last update. Note* I did give away 8 scr from my chip balance as a bounty reward.

1st game: AWD's 50 Scr Freeroll= 1st Place

2nd game: Early Loss

3rd game: Early Loss

4th game: Early Loss

5th game: Early Loss

6th game: Tuck's Nightly 30 Scr Freeroll= 1st Place

7th game: Tuck's Daily 30 Scr Freeroll= 1st Place (out of 14 players) (multi tabled)

8th game: Tuck's Nightly 30 Scr Freeroll= 1st Place (out of 14 players) (multi tabled)

9th game: Tuck's Daily 30 Scr Freeroll= Early Loss - 8 Scr Bounty that I put on my head went to @Tadas for being the one to take me out.

10th game: Tuck's Nightly 30 Scr Freeroll= 2nd Place (out of 14 players) (multi tabled)

11th game: Tuck's Daily 30 Scr Freeroll= Mid game Loss

12th game: Tuck's Nightly 30 Scr Freeroll= Early Loss