I have been testing out the closed beta of a new mobile game called Clash Of Streamers that also has some crypto integration the past couple of days. This is an intro post to this game...

What is Clash Of Streamers?

It is a free-to-play idle clicker mobile game integrated with the Twitch.tv platform made to be highly addictive. You can play various casino type games to earn different kinds of rewards that allow you to level up your characters/steamers to win fights against stronger opponents. The game has a Blockchain function running on Ethereum where you can sell or even rent out your characters/steamers to others. Everything will be integrated with Twith.tv (one of the top 30 most visited websites in the world) and twitch steamers can have their face and skin added to the game.

Who Made Clash Of Streamers?

The game is designed by Belgian gamer Bachir Boumaaza who is also known by the name of Athene. He's quite the controversial internet troll personality and is often seen as a scammer and a cult leader (See youtube). He was actually banned from twitch a while back since he was selling his crypto coin on his stream marketing it as a scam. The reality though is that he's closely working with charity organization Save The Children and the money they earn with the game will nearly all go to a blockchain based Universal Basic Income program they are setting up.

I first heard of Athene around 10 years ago and was quite confused by his entire persona. I always gravitated toward the more intellectual content he made and his general view on things which he talks about in his Real Talk Podcast. Following him is always somewhat of a soap opera as he takes on different projects. First becoming the ranked 1 player in World of Warcraft, Getting into the Poker Scene, Foing charity fundraising, Getting into Neuroscience, creating gamingforgood, doing the real talks, getting his own compound in Germany where people as volunteers work with him and now making Clash of Streamers. More info on him can be watched in his documentary "My Life As A Gamer"

Clash Of Streamers Game Mechanics.

Basically, the game is made similar to all top mobile game tapping into the player dopamine levels making it highly addictive. Clash of Streamers takes it to the next level with a lot of very smart mechanics. All aspects of the game are extremely simplified so people don't have to think and just can tap and get the rewards leaving them wanting more. It will also attract smarter gamers as they will be able to make money by selling or renting out the characters they leveled up. The daily objectives will have people come back for more and the monetization is done in a way it allows big spenders to go totally crazy. Gems can be bought from the app store but players get more bang for their buck when they pay with the game's own cryptocurrency. A monthly subscription goes from 15.99€ and the most expensive item, the insanity chip costs 100000$. It is said that completing the game in half a year will cost around 150k!

Becoming a Beta Tester

Anyone who wants can become a beta tester by going to the Clash Of Streamers website and clicking the Play Now button. You do need a twitch account and have to be subscribed to the Athenelive Twitch channel. (they are giving away subscriptions also every evening). The game is still quite buggy and crashes a lot and I expect it to take a while before it will actually be released.

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