Another month has passed and it's again time to have a look back on what i managed to earn from playing the Splinterlands game. The purpose of this post is to show what can be expected in terms of earning from playing the game by breaking down all the earnings hoping it will attract some new players to try it out.

During the month of March, I continued to enjoy the game doing every single daily quest on both my accounts while getting a bit more engaged in the community also continuing to promote the game outside of the Steem ecosystem.

March 1st Collection Value

At the start of March, my total card collection value came in at 568.94$ (434.96$ Main account | 133.98$ Alt Account). In reality, I should be able to sell for a higher value because I have many single cards. Similar to last seasons, I continue to reach Diamond 2 and am getting closer to Diamond 1 with my main account.

March Reward Cards

I didn't draw any Golden Rare / Epic or Legendary reward cards last month and overall card values dropped a bit. this made the earnings from reward cards drop quite a bit from 23.73$ last moth the 12.946$ despite receiving a total of 299 cards compared to the 228 in February.

March Essence orbs Pack Card Rewards

I managed to get 16 Essence Orbs Card Packs from the Reward Chests which added another 80 cards to my collection

This puts the total value of Reward Cards when counting the current market price at 23.874$

MARCH DEC Earnings

The current price of DEC for which it instantly can be sold on the market is 0.000373$

Combined, I earned nearly 42524 of DEC during the month of March which comes down to 15.92$ at current DEC Price. The price of DEC is currently rather low. When the new expansion comes in the future, it will be possible to pay with DEC at a fixed price conversion which is higher compared to what it sells for right now. I put most of my Earned DEC into a savings account which now has 35k DEC in it for later.

Dec Investments - Buying Cards

I continued to buy some cards from the market to both increase my collection and to lease out to everyone that signs up using my Affiliate Link. These are the cards I bought last month...

I spend a total of ~23916DEC on cards last month on a total of 143 cards combined. The current total card value counted at the lowest market price adds up to is 12.263$ while 2391 DEC is currently worth 8.921$ so it looks like I managed to catch some good discount prices.

Potion Earnings

I stopped using the potions on reward cards and instead keep them for the Essence Orb Packs which should give greater value in the long run.

March Affiliate Earnings

February was the month where I managed to get a lot of new players to sign up under my referral link. I was rather hesitant to put a lot of time into promoting the game because of all the drama that has been going on with STEEM & HIVE which caused quite some downtime and overall confusion. Also with the Crypto market going in downfall it's always much harder to convince people to try out the game compared to moments when everyone is into FOMO mode because of increasing prices. I will continue my quest to onboard 100 players in April.

7 new people signed up in April but none of them got as far as buying the Summoner's Spellbook which is needed to actually start earning the rewards in the game. All Affiliate earnings came from players that signed up last month and continue to play the game expanding their own collection. Some of the STEEM/SBD from my Affiliate earnings also received the HIVE airdrop which is not included in the numbers.

Affiliate Investments - Buying Cards

I used all my affiliate STEEM earnings and a bit more to buy cheap cards from the market the moment after Hive Forked. Sudden Steem price crashed aren't instantly accounted into card prices which created a window to buy some cards with heavy discounts.

The 127 STEEM expense for the cards is now worth 155 STEEM which accounts for a +22% increase in value. This makes the 78.848 Steem affiliate Earnings worth 96.2 STEEM now.

February Splinterlands Post Earnings

I started joining the weekly 'Share Your Battle Challenge' organized by the Splinterlands team which has been plenty of fun. It's a great way to learn about the game and connect to the community while getting rewarded for it with some solid post upvotes who are on top received on both Steem & Hive.

With around half of the post values going to curators and the Steem Proposal system, it come down to 14.728$ earnings from Splinterlands Blogging activity not counting earnings from cross-posting these posts on, Publish0x and Scorum


All numbers are based on current minimum values in case I would sell everything I right now have from last month's earnings in terms of STEEM / Cards / DEC / ...

Counting the earnings is not an exact science and I always count the lowest values not even including everything to give the fairest picture of what can be achieved.

If anything, Splinterlands cards are a great hedge against the crypto market. Where Bitcoin dropped around -17% from March 1st to April 1st with a peak value drop of around -55%, Splinterlands cards very much were able to keep up their value. My collection value is slowly growing and I honestly expect a good value increase at some point as many cards feel quite cheap right now.


I will be making a separate Monthly Sing-Up offer from now on each month for everyone that wants to try out the game for free to see if it's something they like while getting a big early game advantage. To see how to get it check my April Splinterlands Sing-Up Promo Deal post!

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