I have had more time to play Splinterlands with betting being on hold because of the corona Virus and just managed to reach the Diamond 1 league for the first time I started playing 8+ months ago.

I still enjoy playing Splinterlands on a daily basis each morning completing the daily quests which rarely are a hassle these days to the point I struggle most days not to leave my capture rate unused at 100% at times.

I pretty much started out as an ROI grinder but notice myself having quite some fun expanding my collection which leaves me with more card options to choose from on specific rulesets. I also continue to buy individual cards to lease out to the ones that sign up with my affiliate link (See Deal Below)

My main account has Level 5 Summoners and managed to buy myself 3 solid max Level 5 cards of the market last season.

Fire | Cerebrus: Especially in a ruleset with low mana this one is really useful. I paid 33.19 STEEM for it (currently 4.62$) while it's trading at 7.31$ on the market right now.

Life | Silvershield Paladin: I actually had a Level 4 Golden as it was my go-to first card in nearly all Life games in the past. I might move that golden card to my alt account or sell it back on the market. I paid 16.1 STEEM (currently 2.24$) for the Level 5 Regular which got the reflect ability and it's now worth 3.86$ on the market.

Neutral | Cyclops: This was one of the useful cards for the low-speed game rules to put in the last position as it has 3 ranged damage and the shield ability. I paid 2737.196 DEC (Currently 0.864$) for it while it's now worth 1.43$ on the market.

Steemmonsters Cards As a Safe Haven

If anything, Steemmonsters cards have been holding their value pretty well (I shop around waiting for people who are willing to dump their cards at cheap prices) and haven't suffered from the major crypto market crash last week. In that regard, buying cards always feels like putting some fund 'safu' reducing the overall volatility of my crypto portfolio. I still see major potential in the game but also think its growth very much depends on another crypto boom which might be delayed for a while.

I'm happy to have reached Diamond 1 this season and am looking forward to opening the reward chests tomorrow.

Reward Structure change and Balance Feedback

  • I do like the changes in the reward structure even though fewer rewards are given out and the potions feel like thin air. It was a necessary adjustment though in order to keep everything scalable over time.

  • The difference in cost/rewards between different summoner levels does still feel off. I also play a secondary account which has summoners at level 3 and I manage to almost do equally well with that as I reached Diamond 2 league again this season. Some of the players I referred also manage to reach Silver 1 and Gold 3 with Level 1 summoners along with the extra cards I leased which give them a nice head start in the game. The incentives to level up are currently more game enjoyment wise instead of financially driven and I see no point whatsoever to further increase my summoner levels. It is quite a challenge to balance this because giving too low rewards to lower level players will have many giving up quickly while giving more to higher level players will inflate the supply too much.


The offer I put up in my February Results and Earnings Report still counts and I have a whole bunch of single cards (25+) along with some SP for resource credits ready for anyone who wants to try out the game and uses my affiliate link. I am checking my list daily and will do the leases within 24 hours after signing up.

I also plan on making a more detailed report on Affiliates and the retention rate so far. I have set my goal at onboarding 100 active players this year but still have quite a long way to go to reach that.