I chose the title of Oscar Brown Jr. song to call every card players that populate the Splinterlands;

Recruitment is still and always open! SCR Cowboys are waiting for you, soon the guild battles will come and we will see show time, we need strong players, let me tell you from one who is completely the opposite of strong.

So, why join someone like me!?

First of all because my companions are doing great, looking to believe, some of them are really powerful!!

@engulf is a real phenomenon, look at its rating and how much it contributes to the good of the guild!

@dunne789 is another one that has class to sell in this game, our two co-leaders are strong than all!

@ran.koree is just below them and doing very well!! Great the legendary artist Ran!!

@lordwinty, @sm-goldies, @xabi and @hanzek are above 2000 ratings, great work also for these four apocalypse horsemen!

@brandonk is our leader, just below 2000 but potentially it could be much higher, I bet it's just warming up!

@ervin-lemark, @shaheerbari and @martiallee are fighting as hard as they can to climb the rankings and reach 2000! Come on guys!!

Now me, I consider myself a good follower, I do mine, I contribute every day to the growth of the common DEC and I always bring home the daily mission that often serves to complete the Quest Lodge to upgrade the Guild Hall. Don't worry, when the guild battles come, I'll try to buy and/or rent more powerful cards to fight hard with opponents.

@dwin0603 is the last of us only because he started playing very recently, soon I am convinced that we will see some great thing from him!!

We are at number 44 of the game world ranking, join us as soon as possible to try to further climb them!!

4 member slots are still free, what are you waiting for!?


Join the sport revolution & considering to vote us as witness and check for other witnesses like:





You can vote witnesses here.

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