Screenshots taken via PlayStation 4. WWE2k19 owned by WWE and 2K Games; game published by Yuke's and Visual Concepts. All fashion brand names, while possibly based on names of fictional characters, are fictional.

Ok, so we have been all play in the last two posts; now it's time to really get into business...with our new business line! Yep, that's right. We are going to now show you the new line of clothes for men and women who are serious about business. Whether you're an office intern, an employee, a manager, or a big-time CEO; we guarantee you are going to LOVE our new line of business clothes. Worn by our favorite WWE superstars in WWE2k19, and furnished by the WWE2k19 Create-A-Superstar department store, this business line will certainly wow your colleagues (and hopefully your boss).

Let's start off the business line with the ladies. First off, how about this short-sleeve dress shirt from Anders and a pair of formal pants from Wilson's Trousers...OK, so that's quite basic, but the real deal is in the various color options of the shirt. Why have a dull office atmosphere when you can liven it up a little bit. Who said work had to be dull anyway?

Now that's what I call going into the family business!

For the more serious-minded business woman, we have a few outfits to choose from. First off, we have the blazer from Nessman's Standard. This two-button suit is crafted with the executive Flair in mind (no pun intended, in spite of the above picture). With the accompanying casual yet modest shirt also from Nessman's Standard, this outfit shows how executive Flair (again, no pun intended) and subtlety can go hand in hand.

Now Sasha Banks is REALLY the Boss!
I daresay that business is indeed ready for Asuka

There are also the three and four-button blazers ALSO by Nessman's Standard. These versions are more for the higher echelons of the business world. And it is also perfect for all these formal and executive dinner parties or dinner outings at restaurants. Waiter, bring us a menu!

We need to change Bret Hart's nickname; it's not Bret “The Hitman”'s Bret “The BOSS MAN” Hart

And now for the gents. We have the good old-fashioned two-piece also from Nessman's Standard; a two-button suit with a tie, dress shirt, and pants to match the color of the suit. This outfit represents the tried-and-true image of the ideal businessman, an image that has been around for decades. Now with different color combinations to fit one's palette, the ideal image can now be shaped to fit your style and your personality. Let your colleagues, and even your subordinates, see you in style at work.

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