Screenshots taken via PlayStation 4. WWE2k19 owned by WWE and 2K Games; game published by Yuke's and Visual Concepts

Since I wrote a review on WWE2k19, I have decided to try a little experiment. Since I can edit WWE superstars through Create-A-Superstar, I have decided to showcase what I can do with it through a fictional fashion blog series (all brand names mentioned in the series are fake, though some may be based on names of fictional characters). To kick it off, let's showcase WWE women's superstars in swimsuits.

Summer has gone, and Autumn has set in. For some, this means the end of warm and sunny days, and the coming of the cold and cloudy ones. For some still, it also means there will later be the cold and snowy days of Winter. But why wait around for the seasons to change when you can have fun anytime. To prove this, let's showcase some WWE women's superstars in fabulous swimsuits. Provided graciously by WWE2k19's own Create-A-Superstar department store, these outfits are guaranteed to show how one can have fun in the sun anytime and anywhere.

You know what's missing? Mermaid tails

First, there is the beautiful strapless mermaid seashell bikini made by Smieker Fashion Finesse, Ltd. With a spectacular design and a seashell motif, its wearer can somehow feel like one of the sea's most popular mythological inhabitants: the mermaids. With several different options of bottom-wear, this bikini is sure to dazzle the sunset seascape, especially with soft music in the background.

Second, there is a standard bikini with a bit of flair; the two-color bikini from Raddon Clothing Incorporated. There are at least countless color combinations, though we only can showcase a handful here. This get up is perfect for beach parties, Spring Break in Cancun, pool parties, and even summer-themed barbecues. It's the classic done right! :)

Third and finally, how about some accessories? With the floppy hat from Rosaen Fashion Emporium, the sunglasses from Koenig Vision, and the short jacket from Raddon Clothing Incorporated; relaxation by the poolside or on the sand is the order of the day. Now THAT's what we call relaxing with style.

Now that we've shown our swimsuit line, let's have the WWE ladies show that even though Summer is gone, the fun NEVER dies. :)

Even Beach Time can be Boss Time for Sasha
No one may be ready for Asuka, but Asuka is ready for the beach
Dana Brooke makes this party fabulous
The Irish Lass Kicker enters the party
Let's hope Little Miss Bliss doesn't crash this party
Even Carmella thinks this beach party is right on the money
Not only a hugger, but a partygoer as well.
Hey there, Mandy!
Paige enters the fun
Get ready, this beach party is gonna be a RIOTT!
Rowdy Ronda gets her summertime on!
Bella Twins=DOUBLE the fun
The beach is going full on Brie Mode
Now THAT's what we call the Kiss of Life
Get ready for a GLAMOROUS summer party!
Naomi is gonna make this party AMAZING!
Jacqueline has arrived!
Zelina Vega poses for the camera
Summertime will be BLAYZING!
Even the Queen of Spades has time for some summer fun
Lita really ROCKS this party!
Even Bianca Belair's hair is ready for some summer fun
A force of greatness like Nia Jax is a must to make Summer great!
Yup. Charlotte's DEFINITELY ready for the beach
Enter Ember Moon
I wonder if she's dancing to some good tropical music
Kairi Sane spots a wonderful resort and prepares to declare shore leave

Well, what do you think?