On December 21, 2018 the largest virtual entertainment park in Europe, TELEPORT, will open in the capital of Belarus.

The area of ​​the institution is really impressive - 1400 square meters. Despite the fact that the park is located inside the Green City shopping center, the entrance to it is also organized from the street, so you can get into the world of virtual reality at night.

But what interesting will be for cybersportsmen? This, of course, is one of the six zones called "The Range of Virtual Reality". The founders of the park have invested 250 thousand euros in this area, and the well-known company in the field of developing computer games, Wargaming, has taken over the patronage.

The project site promises a complete breakthrough for both amateurs and professional cybersportsmen:

Also in the park will be the Play VR zone, in which they promise complete immersion in the legendary World of Tanks, RevolVr or any game from SteamVR ...

In the space of game simulators will be presented real aircraft simulators.

The interactive and projection walls, the interactive floor, the virtual reality capsule and the projection sandbox will be able to be tested by children in a zone specifically designed for them.

There will be even an educational class in the institution where programs for children and adults are promised, as well as the study of school curriculum subjects (chemistry, physics, astronomy, educational videos) in virtual reality.

You can even hold a corporate party there - there will be your own cafe with a cooking show with drones.

How much will it all cost? Not so expensive. Admission - 40 rubles (less than $ 20), family (two adults and two children) - up to 80 rubles (less than $ 40). It is worth noting that this money is put on your deposit, and you spend it in the park.

For example, for 40 rubles spent on an entrance ticket, you can ride five simulators or spend them on three simulators and two games on the training ground or in the PlayVR zone.

Well, it’s not long to wait, after 4 days we will see how the expectations are met.