Sport is a very important activity in the life of human beings for reasons of physical, mental, intellectual, personal and spiritual. In the physical part the sport helps us to maintain them in excellent conditions, an enviable health and besides a great athletic complexion, it also offers us an admirable aesthetic beauty.

In the mental part helps us to synchronize our thinking developed the ability to think the intellectual part is very similar to the mental but it differs in that we learn to solve problems with relative ease, which is so easy for those who do not practice any sport . Personally, the athlete develops a very active personality and is accustomed to compete for their achievements if necessary surpassing, to those who are not athletes a person who has practiced sports throughout life has a great physical and healthy balance, complemented by a personality that is adapts to all situations and manages to overcome the fear of spiritual difficulties are few athletes who do not do good deeds. Showing love to their peers.

Many athletes have known many latitudes and traveling to other countries thanks to being high performance athletes, others have had a pleasant life, because they made sport a very productive business; In short, sport unites people, society, the family and individuals in particular when a child practices some sport. In general, they will be very advanced because of the mental fluidity that goes through physical exercise.

As an expansion of life, sport is a very healthy entertainment that serves as a pastime for those who practice it and also for those who do not practice it. Sport takes us away from vices, from bad habits, from crime and makes us healthy citizens and utilites if you want to obtain a stable physical and mental health and an active personality and, coherently practice some sport and you will feel the satisfaction of recreation in an activity that in addition to being very healthy, you stay healthy and happy.

And for you, what is your opinion about it? I would like to know your point of view about sport!