New Season

The month of August is already here. How time flies...

New Steemmonsters season is here too. How quickly seasons change...

I started the season in the SIlver III league.

This is my second post, originally on Steem with the @ervin-lemark.spt account, this time published with the SteemAce frontend.

New Quest

It was with the Earth Splinter and it is already done. When I ended it I pushed some more to reach the next level. Silver II, here I am.

As for the quest, it wasn't so easy. Earth Splinter is my third strongest team.

New Rewards

Old rewards, actually. Already seen.

SCR Cowboys Guild

The guild I am a member of is eleven players strong and at level one at the time.

Read @luke96player's article, please.

Steemmonsters as an investment

I invite you once again to read an excellent article - Splinterlands end of season $$$ wrap up.

If you are serious about your Steemmonsters involvement you might find some valuable advice there.

Thanks for reading

Play well and have fun.

Better and better