First of all, apologizes to the SCR Cowboys guild co-members. I don't play a lot lately.

This is clearly seen from the frequency of my reports. The last one was 12 days ago.

I skipper both Steem platform hard forks too. Nothing major there :)

OK, back to the latest quest ...

Five wins with Life splinter

Three days ago I've played the first match of the Life splinter quest and won. Tonight I returned to the game and for four in the row within five minutes. It was a surprise.


Since I am still at the Silver II league the reward cards weren't many. Here they are.

Quite a decent lot, I would say.

That gives a total value of my deck as ...

Number of cards: 104 - Alpha: 0 - Beta: 53 - Promo: 10 - Reward: 41
Common: 46, Rare: 35, Epic: 15, Legendary: 8
## Gold cards: 17 ## BCX: 1369 ## Value: $ 262.49 ##

I am selling several less used cards. Is anybody interested?

OK, that's it for this back-in-business report.

Season's end

The season will end in a day and eight hours. Time to play two more quests.

Good luck, my friends.

Better and better