You might wonder what I mean with the Another Scroll Secured For The SCR Cowboys Guild?

Well, when you are a member of the guild your finished quests (scrolls received) count towards guilds total. 45 scrolls aka quests promote the guild to level 2.

See for yourself.

Quest lodge before the rewards were claimed

Quest lodge after the rewards were claimed

We are growing together.

The quest

It was with the Water Splinter which is good.

Ten matches for five victories with Alric Stormbringer were enough.

I managed to climb to the SIlver I level.


Since I don't have any additional potions I've claimed four reward cards.

Eh ... I got rid of the androids immediately.

The Orb

In the meantime, I've also gathered 2,500 DEC as a payout for the victories. I invested then in one Orb and here are the cards from it.

Is that good?

SCR Cowboys Guild

The guild I am a member of has thirteen members now and is ranked #38.

You can still join the team.

Thanks for reading

Play well and have fun. Good luck!

Better and better