It was a short season in terms of the playing time. We as a family were absent a lot. When you count in some unfinished quest with lesser splinters I barely managed to climb to the Gold III level.

Meaning that I will receive ...

22 Reward Cards

First ten:

I love water monsters, Sea Monster especially. Add to it four rare cards and that's what I call a great beginning.

Second ten:

From great to greater. Three rares, one epic and Black Dragon. Fabolous!

Last two:

Sea Monster again.

All in all, this was the best reward set received ever!

Merging received cards

Let's merge the cards received to see what will the total value of my set be in the end. Also, will there be any upgrades?

Pirate Archer upgraded to level 5:

All the other cards, Black Dragon included, stayed at their current levels:

Set at a glance

Hypothetical $234 is quite good for my level of involvement.

Is the Bookkeeping bot still working? I'll try it out after publishing this article.

Guild Hall

SCR Cowboys guild is ranked number 44 currently.

I am sorry that I didn't contribute as much as I would love to.

I've had two matches with a fellow guilder @dexpartacus. Can you guess who has won here

and here?

Both times @dexpartacus, of course.

I can say that I contributed to his quest's swift finish :)

Good luck this season!

Better and better