It’s not that I was completely throwing betting, I just didn’t post anything for a long time in the prediction public and on the blogabet (this is a statistics monitoring service). Now I want to return to the publication of my predictions, I even created the Telegram channel. I am again full of desire to break in!

90% of predictions will be eSports, mainly on Dota 2 and CS:GO, sometimes I will dilute them with old school Warcraft 3 and HearthStone.

I also plan to publish an article about bookmakers, where it is most convenient to bet on eSports events, because this is a real problem.

At the moment I betting here:

PinnacleSport - everything is clear here, the top bookmaker for professionals, but problems with unpopular cybersport leagues ​​and live-bet.

GGbet - helps out with events that are not in Pinnacle and live, which again is not enough in Pinnacle.

I also hope that in the near future it will be possible to put on eSports matches on ScorumBet.

You can support me by upvote or with a subscription to my telegram channel (he is still empty of course, but that would help me a lot =))