esport bet

DragonX -1,5 @ 1.99

We have a match ahead of us with the teams that have won the last game against each other. Afreeca after almost 40 minutes and a long duel won with Griffin finishing the game with almost 13k gold advantage. On the other side the team that won against DAMWON Gaming with a similar advantage in gold but in a much shorter duel that lasts 27 minutes. Dawmon was removed from the map. DragonX winning tomorrow would be in second position before T1. This is no time for experiments and the stage is starting to be crucial. I think now they have really extra motivation to prove their strength They are playing at a very high level, no one is able to stop them now and now they will question every map. You can see that this team is on the wave. Afreeca Freecs is an average team that finally played something against a weak Griffin who played nothing. Now, however, there will be completely inventive Dragon X will impose its own style, which it has a lot of and Afreeca will not allow much of itself, because their range of games and what they have shown so far does not allow to think well about their capabilities of the right counter-position during the draft.