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Game: Singularity vs K1CK | 19:00

bet: Singularity @ 2.97

Today, like yesterday, I am risking for a team that has already been crossed out and for which the course is solid. Singurality has players on the team who are at a comparable level of mechanical KICK teams. Kick was a big disappointment at first, but recently he has a good series. Matislaw and Puki Style play well and the team has a series of 5 wins in a row. The odds, however, are definitely understated on their opponents from Denmark today. Competitors like MADM and PIGSPORTS are definitely not the same shelf as Singularity. Today it will be much more difficult for them and it will be a very even duel. The bookmakers offer about 2.6-2.7 but in the eu bookmaker we have 2.97 for this moment and for sure it is a profitable bet for me today.