The game has started, but you can go live and analyze for yourself.

The LPL 2020 Spring Split playoffs are back, and in 2019 the World Championship in Fun Plux Phoenix is taking place in Edward Gaming. EDG should be able to play one match against the defending world champions. FPX have two playing cards for the top lane, and in the off-season FPX won the SKT top laner Khan.

This was a surprise to many, as Gimgoon looked amazing in 2019 at the most important event. Gimgoon is best suited to the site because Khan has not played on the side since the beginning of the month. This is an additional incentive for FPX in this series, winning for them would mean facing the side that took second place away from them: JD Gaming. FPX will be trying to make up for the mistakes of the last week of the season. FPX couldn't secure a place in the top two even though it had its fate in its hands. FPX took third place and will have to play in the top five on his way to the final.

FPX will face Edward Gaming, who will be growing in strength after taking down the RNG 3-1. FPX has the highest objective control rate, FPX has 57% dragon control rate and 60% baron control rate. EDG is one of the slowest teams in the league, EDG has 33.6 average game time, which is much slower than most teams in LPL. FPX has an extremely impressive kill to death ratio, FPX has 1.42 KD, and FPX is also one of the bloodiest teams in the league with 606 killings.

FPX -1,5 @ 1,6

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FunPlus Phoenix vs Edward Gaming