Hello everyone.. I wish you good and healthy days..

Last we had new preventions from government and our lockdown days will start again in Friday.. We have to stay at home for 3 days until Monday morning.. So there will be a big time for me to play my video games.. And like millions of other..

I remember the first days of the virus, that was around 20th of March, i had a news about downloading counts of new Play Station game Warzone and the result was very surprising.. More than 8 millions download made that day.. I believe that was the biggest record of gaming history and if you check it now more than 100 millions of people playing it daily.. Amazing number isn't it?!

I strongly believe that with this new world order, the gaming business will go to the moon because we have to spend our days inside.. With our TV's and games consoles..

Anyways, i believe the "Warzone" has changed lots of things in the gaming world, now we are having different kind of understanding.. It is becoming new life, new face for the online gaming.. You can measure it in this way; millions of people playing this game with paying billions of dollars.. And it is growing every new day.. Console and game prices are getting more expensive but demand still grows.. It would tell us everything.. You even need to pay for online gaming membership to Play Station Network.. But we are still talking about the game not about our money that we have spent..

I am playing Warzone everyday with my friends everyday and night, i am having great times every game i play, i mean everygame! Because each game have different story and you need to create different game plan.. Otherwise you would die in few minutes..

If you playing with your team/your friend you would have best time for sure but i you play alone you still find yourself teammates and you can start new friendships.. I have many friends from all over the world from online gaming.. It's actually very interesting for me because i used have pen friends and we were sending letters to each others to improve our English language.. But that was all.. So i can say that the technology has came too far and if i look back everything seems me a big fantasy today..

Also there are some real time games which are too hardcore for me.. I believe those games for real hard gamers, i would play these kind of games, just don't like it.. But if you like you can check Age of Empires or Total War.. Those are the best one i believe..

I know some people, some of my gaming friends.. They are actually too weird because they are not living normal lives.. It's all about gaming and they know that, they love that.. They have not have regular family meetings or they would never go outside for a coffee or drink.. They just open their computers/Play Stations when they open their eyes.. Actually i find myself in similar positions but ofcourse not for everyday :)

Also i am sure that with this Covid virus situation the gamer world getting bigger because more people decides to stay at their homes every new day.. So what would you say.. Gaming is good for people or not? Are we getting safer or are we getting really alone?? If you ask me i would say yes for both options..

I hate to say but we are having poor friendships, not like the past.. 80's.. 90's.. I used have some real good friends, thank God i still have few of them but in new generations we wouldn't see such a thing.. Young people are connecting their devices more than a real friend.. I believe that's why they are lonely and unhappy in these days..

New strange world with its strange rules.. We are just having that! I believe we just have to say; "Let's wait and see"..

PS: Before the new Play Station 5 arrives those will be the our last games with 4.. With the power of 8k television PS5 will be a game changer.. They call it "The greatest console" ever created.. I am also planning to get it soon but first i need to buy 8k TV which is quite expensive (!) in these days.. If you need to live with the latest tech, you need to pay good :)

Now i should go and play some more games in Call of Duty, thank you for reading me.. By the way i am saving all my games in my youtube channel, i believe that i am doing something great for me to record my game plays, that will be a great archive for me.. My children could watch them if i could manage to have one:)

Image Credit: https://image-cdn.essentiallysports.com/wp-content/uploads/20200630105427/call-of-duty-warzone-bunker.jpg