Hello everyone, have great weekend!

Last week we had the latest update for Call of Duty Season 5 and now we have some more new maps which is quite great for gaming lovers :)

So far we have 24 different maps in COD game and this season is getting ending soon.. As all you know Call of Duty releases new game in every season.. New seasons usually starts about September or October but we still have don't have any idea about new seasons game.. Because of the Covid-19 Virus situation nothing is clear yet..

Also we had the "Warzone" this season and it's completey different than the normal game play.. I wonder in new season the Warzone would be updated or not..

Anyways, lets get back to our introduction, this new map called "Petrov Oil Rig" which is a big gas platform which has built on the sea.. There are 5 parts in our new map which are; Fuel, Muster, Bridge, Drill and Helipad.. We need to know these names because while we playing the game there would be some radio announcement about the opponent and it's better to know the places names for you..

In my first game in Petrov Oil Rig i could only get 11 kills and i died 20 times.. But it's also could considered not too bad because when you don't know the map you would not understand where the enemy is.. But i am sure i will be better after i play some more games in here..

I hope you like my game play..

Thank you..

Image Credit: https://img.gfinityesports.com/news/image/5/6/1500x0-nc/petrov_oil_rig_gl5klCO.png