Hello everyone.. Wish you safe and healthy days.. I am a gaming lover which i haven't shared any of my gaming performances in here Scorum but after i read some of them i wanted to share them with you here..

I specially play Call of Duty and Warzone in these days, both game have many different maps and game plays..

So in my previous game, i have played in Shipment map, the mission was "Cranked"

That was a quite record for me because i got 15 kills without dying and in this kind of very small maps it would not be possible all the time :) When you get 5 times kill without dying you get a Cruise Missile, on 9 kills Vitol Jet and 12 kills you get Chopper Gunner!

Cruise Missile is controlling by you and you try to choose drop it in the right place.. Vitol Jet is completely automatic, you only send it to a spot which you want it.. But when you get Chopper Gunner you would have the big fun! This gunner isn't automatic and you control it %100.. While you drive the Chopper Gunner you send your bullets to the gorund.. I love it..

My total score was 34 kills and 16 die and i was the champion of the game.. It's actually really hard to create the best score that's why i can do this all the time :)

Anyways, hope you like my game play..

PS: Just Amazing is my youtube channel and all videos are created from me..