Hello everyone, have good and healthy days..

Halloween is on next corner and we are going to start celebrate it soon.. We have 10 more days and there are tons of promotions about it as always..

As you know i am a biggest Call of Duty fan that's why i am playing it nearly every day and night:) We always have updates in COD, they are always adding new features day by day and they never forget about important days.. So, yesterday we got new feature about coming halloween and that was amazing experience for me.. Haven't played any Zombie types game in this new COD and wanted to share it with you..

You are starting the game at the plane at usual and you and your teammates need to choose a spot to land on the map.. But.. In normal Warzone games you would go to the jail (Gulag) if you die and if you win the last fight in Gulag you would return back to game.. In this feature after you die you become a ZOMBIE!

After you become a Zombie you need to find some cure for yourself to become a human being again.. There are some medicines in the map and you should find them to reborn as a man.. Also when you play as Zombie you could have some very interesting movements skills.. You would have ability to jump and it feels great when you get over the buildings with your special move..

I have just played it once and this feature will end at 10th of November.. So i have plenty of more days to play this great event.. I will keep you informed about the game play because there would be many more new features in the game for sure before it ends..

Thank you for watching, hope you like this new style of COD!

Image Credit: https://bit.ly/3o9gypA