It's time to return! I did not have the opportunity to write to Scorum, because I was on an hitch-hiking tour (who would be interested in reading my blog on the Steemit) and missed the most anticipated event of the year - The International 2018.

The first thing I did was watch the recordings of all the matches, it was quite difficult, I fell asleep in the group stage: D. But the playoff was just divine, I did not see so many combos on any Inte. And now in order.


To me, as a fan, of course it's a pity that they took only 5-6 place, but this is The International, every year he presents us with surprises. Although in the case of the EP, the loss to "evil geniuses" is more common, an old curse. held an incredible season, they took the deserved top-1 in the DPC rating and therefore they were predicted to hit the top 3. And not only bookmakers, surely the leadership was aimed at the top lines, but what happened happened, 5-6 place is not a failure, but it's an obvious bell for the coach's replacement.

About favorites and results

In the top 3 bookmakers were: (5-6th place), PSG.LGD (2nd place) and Team Liquid (4th place), all the same favorites were on the level, because no one is immune from frenzied OG or from vile peaks EG.

About OG

1) Just before the qualifiers, 2 main players left: Fly (captain and team coordinator) and s4 (hardliner). After that, they faced a very difficult task - to find players before the qualifying, when all have already completed the composition. They called Ana (I recall that before they kicked him: D) and Topson - the mider of the rating, which nirazu (!) Was not on a major LAN tournament

2) N0tail had to change the position on the support, and this he had only a couple of months. And you know, he did an excellent job, a huge gaming experience and a macro-jerk allowed them to do combobs more than once.

3) 7ckngMad had to take the position of hardliner, for those who do not remember, he used to be a coach, a COACH, a COACH!

4) At the top of the grid, they made an incredible combback against the LGD team and then against them in the grand final, they issued another 2 enchanting coups in the last two maps. Words do not even pass, if not seen, then urgently seek repetitions on YouTube.

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