Today, August 8, a new logo, or rather they changed the color solution of the logo and form. News sites carry this news around the world, Twitter screams "WHY ?!" , and I'm just a bit overwhelmed by the new colors, I'll tell you later why. All right, all in order, that's the logo itself.

As you understand the colors have changed because of the contract with MegaFon.

Twitter quite ambiguously (strongly negative) took this news. In the official account there are hundreds of angry comments under this post, but the top e-sports publications create a positive background for this event, they say it's all good guys, just re-design.

My opinion on this matter:

  1. Colors are just awful
  2. If Chelsea suddenly changed colors to some other, the fans would have burned the stadium to them :D
  3. A blow to the brand in the CIS has always been yellow-black (Natus Vincere) and orange-black (, these things live in the minds of the fans, and this is very important
  4. Just shit in the hands of fans who bought their merch (and it's very expensive by the way), where do they now have orange and black scarves?
  5. Your team is your color. I like the fan new colors are not good

But still they are my guys.
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