I do not like to predict the winner before the picks, but let's try. All three teams deserve the final and I believe that much will be decided during the draft.

Virtus.pro vs Fnatic. In the winers bracket, VP played extremely sluggishly. At that time, Fnatic took away their favorite characters (Timbersaw, Pangolier, Shadow Shaman, Nyx Assassin). On these heroes, Fnatic worked wonders, leaving no chance to the opponent. In the standoff against Vici Gaming, it was clear that the team from China sent Pangolier and Timber to Ban at any convenient opportunity, and Shadow Shaman and Nyx picked up in the first stage.

VP can take advantage of Vici's plan: remove these characters and add ideas to the draft. After hitting the bottom grid, our guys played better and better after each match. Beginning with the second card, the performance of the bears is at the height. It remains only to win the draft and the hat is 2:1 in favor of VP.

My prediction: Victory of Virtus.pro 1.61 @ PinnacleSports