In this opportunity I share with you this post, to teach you how to render with the program 3ds Max, with a real track scene of the category for the presentation of the design of paintings for the cars of the game Nascar Racing Season 2003. To emphasize that in the previous post studio scenes were used and this time they are scenes in circuits or ovals of the Nascar Series. The model to use is the track Eldora Speedway, while the paint scheme is a toyota Thundra #54 Steemit/Steemit venezuela.


Eldora Speedway is an oval of high bank clay soil of 0.5 mi. Located north of Rossburg, Ohio, in the town of New Weston, Ohio, it has permanent, festive-style seating that is believed to be in the 30,000 range.

  • Surface: Clay
  • Length: 0.5 mi (0.804672 km)
  • Curves: 4
  • Superelevations: 24 ° in the curves and 8 ° in the straight lines.

Steps to perform the render:

1. After opening our 3ds Max program, we proceed to look for our 3d scene, previously downloaded from a web page dedicated to the renderings for the NR2003 game or made by ourselves.

The folder that contains the scene must be searched.

After finding the folder with the files, we select the .max file (Scenes).

2. By having our scene open in the program, we put the paint scheme to the model of the car.

To apply the paint scheme to the model of the car, you must do the following:

Open the editor material window.

We select the Pick material from Object option.

Then, we aim and click with the dropper pointer to the model of the car to select it.

Subsequently, some options are opened in the material editor window, which will be selected Diffuse. All this to place the scheme to the model.

Bitmap is selected, where the folders search of our pc will open, to find and select our scheme.

After doing everything previously explained, we have the 3d model with the painting scheme.

3. In this step, we place the image of the real track to our scene, for it we have to do the following:

In the material editor we select the option of Ground.

We click on Diffuse Color and then on bitmap.

Successively we will look like the folder search engine, where we should look for the image and select it.

4. By performing all the steps above and have everything ready, we proceed to give the render production button.

We expect the rendering of the render to 100%.

5. Finally we have our work completed and we can save it in image format for later publication on the site that is of interest.

Here I leave another render that performs the same way as the previous explanation:

Design information:

Car number: #54

Main sponsor: Steemit

Secondary Sponsor: Steemit Venezuela

Design created by @franz54

Template of the Toyota Tundra 2017 was downloaded from Om3gA Racing

Scene for the 3ds max rendering downloaded from Splash N 'Go Graphics

Rendered by @franz54

All images of this Post were made by @franz54.

Here I share with you another Phrase about art and design:

Create your own visual style ... let it be unique for you and identifiable for others. Orson Welles

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