Hey everybody here is my first contribution towards the eSports section of Scorum.

From when I was young, I have been very active in managing football teams on the computer. I started off with the most basic football game ever, written in basic, on the MSX computer, named "The Boss". Those were the days where graphics didn't exist, but where we still wanted to feel like all you gamers out there feel, like it's as close to reality as possible.

Luckily the internet is like magic and you can still find screenshots from games like that.

(Generation MSX)

I guess you understand what it was about. These teams had squads of 12-15 players and you were supposed to make the line-up for every match in the competition. Every player had a value of one to nine, nine being the strongest. A plus indicates a player in form (value increase), out of form players were shown with minuses (value decrease). Apart from that, you were able to change the formation, to check for new players, sell current players, move players from one spot in the team to the other and play matches. At the end of every match, the rankings were shown as well.

As a kid, I had the Aquarius, the MSX 1, the MSX 2, Commodore 64, Atari, the first SEGA, Nintendo and Game Boy. It might be me, but some of these games were having an outstanding gameplay in comparison with what I see nowadays. Either way, I had a great youth and loved playing hundreds of games, including a lot of football games. The game that changed everything tough, was Championship Manager 93.

The screenshot above seems to be an updated version looking at the years on the left, but you got the idea. It's another manager's game. It turned out to be the best. This was the one game I was keeping track of, to see when was the release date for the next season. My friends and I played it for so many hours, I can't even imagine. Some later episodes of the game were less good, others were better. We were excited when new leagues were added into the game, or when players that were very young in previous editions who did well for your fantasy team ended up doing really well in real life years later. You had the feeling you discovered the player and helped him develop into the real player he was then.

Quite some years later the game changed its name into Football Manager and is still being released every year. At some point, I lost my interest in it and stopped playing the game. But then, a few years later the interest came back, with ups and downs.

Two years ago, when I had an active period again and purchased the game, I started to look for videos about the game on Youtube. I came across a channel of a guy my age going by the nickname Loki Doki. Basically said, he was playing the game and was sharing his experiences with anyone willing to see his development within the game. Before I knew it I was hooked. I ended up catching up with the storyline and then waiting for new episodes to come out. Loki Doki, who is living in Northern Ireland and who is a Liverpool fan, has a girlfriend (nick)named Curly and also owns quite some pets, who join into his videos from time to time. The man's got a good sense of humor, takes it to the next level with sketches and dressing up, comes over as very humble and likable. He's got a whole lot of followers, who watch his videos on a daily basis, on Youtube, Twitch or both. Whenever he feels that someone's need to be told a lesson, he's very honest and straightforward, telling the person exactly what he thinks of him/her, without calling out names and making a fuss about it. For me personally, Loki Doki is my favorite Youtuber. Oh, he also plays other games besides Football Manager, if you would be interested in that. If you ever have the time I recommend you to watch the Super Seducer series made by Loki Doki.

Loki Doki has recently started a new episode of his series "The Journeyman" in which he starts off as an unemployed manager with no skills whatsoever. He then applies for jobs at the smallest clubs in the smallest countries in the world and to take things further from there. The previous editions of "The Journeyman" were a massive success, probably the most successful series on his Youtube channel. For Football Manager 2019, he did not feel like doing a Journeyman save, which obviously is his good right, but recently one of his followers on his Twitch Channel, gave him the idea to do a Journeyman live on Twitch.

Loki Doki liked the idea and has since already done a few episodes of these. With the exception of a season summary, he has decided not to upload any of the Journeyman videos to Youtube. This brought me to the idea to start writing blogs on his performances in the game. I contacted him on Twitter a few days ago, shared my ideas and I got his approval to do so. So from time to time I will be happy to keep you updated on "The Journeyman 2019".

Besides the fun part of following his blogs, and sharing this with you, it would be nice if we could generate more viewers for him coming from Scorum. On the other hand, a few of the Loki Ultras might find their way to Scorum.

Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading as always.