While I was writing this review I wanted to play again this great title of my youth and is that it was many hours that I spent in front of the computer creating battle strategies or simply having fun entering codes that gave me certain advantages in the game, and not for nothing, the game which I will talk about next is one of my favorites and is the favorite of many people around the world. However, although in the shadow of this title is another game much more famous, but belongs to the same company: Age of Empires, I always preferred the other, especially for its history and for the characters that we can find in this game.

Obviously I'm talking about: Age of Mythology.


Age of Mythology presents several mythologies in different stages of the game, from Greek, Egyptian and Nordic mythology, each of them represented with their respective heroes and gods, undoubtedly the best aspect of this whole game, is the way in which each character is represented and their relationship.

One of our main heroes is Arkantos and our story begins in Atlantis, after the goddess Athena appeared before him and gives him a warning of great care, as the goddess reveals to him on his island still many of his enemies are found, so our hero decides to find out who or who are these enemies that threaten the peace of his city. Among all this chaos we know the villain of the game, Gargarensis, a cyclops who has the title of God of War and keeps slaves digging to find the entrance to the underworld, whose end is to free the titan Cronus himself, thus causing total destruction in the world.

Throughout the adventure of our hero Arkantos, we will know different places ranging from Egypt to those places where the Odin God governs, our adventure will be full of death, treason, war, but above all heroism. Without doubt, one of the best stories in a strategy game that has been made in a long time and whose story was complemented in an excellent way in an expansion of the game.


If you have previously played Age of Empires you will notice that Age Of Mythology keeps a great part of the graphic section of its predecessor, but with great improvements in all the graphic aspects, nevertheless, it still maintains that characteristic touch of the Age of saga, reason why with only seeing a little of the game, we will automatically realize that it is a game of the same company.

Age of Mythology is one of those games that although it is noted that it is old, even today is a game quite current in the graphic section, even if we compare them with many current games of the same genre.

It's a game that in its time, knew how to recreate great cities, with each of those characteristics and special aspects that makes each of these places is recognizable or at least representative for the player, from ancient Greece, through Egypt and the Nordic localities commanded by the god Odin himself, are very well recreated with their respective aspects of each region that makes them very different from each other. Age of Mythology is a game where we can find a great palette of colors in such a way that having used such a lot of colors and the way in which these colors are implemented, not only on stage, also in the characters, makes it a game that is full of life and at sight is pleasant to see and enjoy. Age of Mythology is a game where we can find a great palette of colors in such a way that having used such a lot of colors and the way in which these colors are implemented, not only on stage, also in the characters, makes it a game that is full of life and at sight is pleasant to see and enjoy.



In the sound section I'm not going to say something that nobody knows, and that is that the sound section of Age of Mythology is very well elaborated and composed, it fits very well with one of the scenarios, characters and events that occur throughout the game, as well as, the sound effects are so well made that gives a much more realistic feeling to our gameplay (even though we control at some point of the game to Gods and Semi-Gods, but that's another point).

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Age of Mythology is a strategy game in real time, in it we can create a lot of units that will help us to build buildings that will allow us to recruit soldiers or any other type of character that helps us in battle, we also have the possibility to create buildings that help us defend our city from enemies and buildings that help us to improve the armament and armor of our characters, in such a way that increases their statutes of our troops. In general Age of Mythology has a certain resemblance to Warcraft 3, but obviously it is much more similar to Age of Empire, as they are games of the same company, however, maintains great differences with its predecessor.


As I said before, Age of Mythology is based on the mythologies of 3 beliefs, the Greek, the Egyptian and the Nordic, each of them having their respective differences, where according to our style of play we will adapt or choose the best that suits our style of play.

  • The Greeks are characterized for being the civilization in being the most balanced of the 3. This civilization has as Gods Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. Each one of them grants different attributes of battle or construction. And their heroes are: Athena, Hermes, Apollo, among others.


  • The Egyptians (my favorite civilization) have as main feature not needing the use of wood to make their constructions, therefore, of the 3 civilizations that we have at our disposal is the fastest in building all kinds of buildings, thus giving us advantages over our enemies. They have as gods Ra, Isis and Set and their heroes are: Anubis, Osiris, Horus, among others.


  • And finally we have the Nordic civilization and how can we suppose that this is characterized by having the best warriors, as with humans in Warcraft 3, in the Nordic civilization there are no villagers as such, because the same characters that serve to build the buildings, also serve as attack troops, it is the best civilization when it comes to attacking the army. Their gods, could not be other than: Odin, Thor and Loki and among their heroes we have to: Freya. Helmdall, Balder, Hela, among others.


Age of Mythology is one of my favorite games, it was one of the games I invested the most hours in and it's one of the games that always makes me want to play it again. Highly recommended for people who like real-time strategy games