hello everybody and welcome back to esports talk my name is caleb and today we've got some war zone news to talk about war zone tournament that had a 25 000 prize pool including 10k for the grand prize along with a very very clean vip pass to ufc 269 not bad at all but unfortunately it was one of the biggest hot messes in all of warzone tournament history the warzone tournament history has a lot of messes all the makings of the great event no one could have predicted just how wrong things would manage to go like there have been some incidencies in war zone tournaments already thus far we've had issues related to hackers related to game breaking glitches all sorts of drama that has transpired over the course of this battle royale's existence but in this case we're about to get several different flavors of broken all at the same time for starters aiden straight up slept through the first two rounds of the tournament forcing his team to play a man short an honest but unfortunate mistake though he honestly might have had more fun than some of the people playing next we can talk about the fact that the tournament was a glitchy nightmare you may have heard or you may have seen if you've been keeping a close eye on our website that the demon gun glitch is back but it's joined by a different beast in this particular tournament