The popular game streaming site, Twitch, has been banned from China most likely from its gain in popularity.

A couple months ago, People in china rapidly started downloading Twitch to watch eSport things, more specifically eSport matches at Asian Games. Asian Games was not gonna be live on television, so people who wanted to watch them play had to find another way. That is why Twitch ended up becoming top 3 very quickly in China.

Twitch itself has gained lots of popularity this year. Compared to 2016 its active streamers has doubled in 2017! One of the main reason why they are so popular today is because there most viewed game Fortnite. Fortnite has blew up all around the world and very popular Fortnite streamer, Ninja, has been a great help for the boost in Twitch's popularity. However out of all Twitch's viewers it had very little Chinese users, possibly because streams are delayed in china.

There is a pattern in China where the government will ban popular Western media popularity most likely due to its gain of popularity in its country. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Twitch are already banned in China and are not expected to be coming back. However there are some rumors that that they are developing a censored search engine to be allowed any app the Chinese government has banned will be allowed to come back in.


Before everyone in China knew Twitch was banned in China. Lots of Twitch users in China were not able to go on Twitch. So they went on Weibo and were reporting that they cannot connect to Twitch. Some could access Twitch, but not for long, as it was soon offline for all of China.

The quick rise and fall of Twitch in China, will probably mean nothing to anybody soon. I do not think anyone knows why the Chinese government forced the fall of Twitch but there maybe a good reason. China has other streaming sites out there so the banning of Twitch probably hasn't phased them too much.