Never bet without making an educated guess and never resort to random predictions. Here are esports factors you should check before betting.

Everyone has commitments that they have to attend to which sacrifices the time they wish to dedicate to esports betting. However, one should never try to wager without confidence. If you find yourself wanting to bet on a competitive match but no idea about the outcome, then you can focus on the following factors:

Recent match history

Match history can say a lot about a team, especially when compared with another. These data will be absent in community leagues so you can only research these if you’re betting on major or minor leagues. All you have to do is look up the names of every team in the game and see their record of the last three to five events.

A team on a winning streak is likely to beat another with an average win rate. You should also see who were the players in each team and compare them with the present because a change in the lineup could have a massive impact. Be wary that some data are exclusive to regions so you might only find match histories of teams in esports Canada.

Player statistics

Every player should be measured by his/her own merit so try to find data on every player in the game if you can. If none are available, you can rely on news articles or blog posts talking about fans’ opinions on each athlete. You could also find someone’s breakdown on how each player contributes to the team. Otherwise, you could settle for each players’ role in team composition and favourite playstyle.

Favourite and underdog

The favourite is the objectively measured contender relative to the current matchup while the underdog is the one considered to be at a disadvantage. Two teams per event are the usual setup in esports so both are almost always present.

The only time that there wouldn’t be a favourite or underdog is if analysts somehow conclude that both teams are equally matched. This is almost impossible given that there is always disparity in skills or experience.

Recent patch notes

The most recent patch notes can dictate the meta to some degree, thus, it directly affects the esports scene. Competitive gamers develop ways to counter current trends but they are still subject to the same balance changes that the developers made. As mentioned earlier, players have favourite play styles but they have to adjust to the changes if their methods involve elements that are adjusted.

Summary of the meta

Knowing the technical changes is never enough in esports Canada. You also have to look at the bigger picture and try to understand players’ behaviour in the current season. A balance patch is only one of many factors that affect the meta which, in turn, affects the competitive scene. Knowing the recent trends can give you a big clue on what to expect in the upcoming esports games.