Golden Guardians 1:0 Cloud 9

Cloud 9 opened the match well, taking First Blood after a great play in the bottom lane using the Shen's ultimate. It gave them an advantage that later on, allowed them to secure two infernal dragons, which put Golden Guardians' players into a tough late game spot. Cloud 9 was slowly building a lead in team gold by taking single kills every now and then. Tables turned only when Deftly's amazing play let Guardians win their first teamfight of the match. 

Mid game began with another teamfight, where this time it was Cloud 9 who came out on top. Licorice's team struggled to make their way to the Baron for quite a while. In the end, they killed him by the 33 minutes mark, but had to sacrifice 3 of their players in exchange. Guardians waited patiently for their opponents' next move, until they won an important teamfight 40 minutes into the match and secured a Baron

In the late game Deftly completely obliterated his enemies which forced Cloud 9 to start a base race towards the nexus, but thanks to Deftly's star performance and Guardians' better teamwork in the second half of the match, it was them who won the race and the whole match.